The Problem: Outdated and Unhealthy Pool Sanitization Methods.

Chemicals.. The word alone is enough to make your Californian neighbor shudder, and if you've been listening to him you might get a chill yourself. It's a broad term that might be speaking about things from dish soap to hairspray, granted, but let's settle on the implications and definitions in my line of work, pools and spa's.

The industry is riddled with different variations of the same stuff. Chlorine bonded with something that successfully delivers it as intended, be that quickly or slowly such as Calcium Hypochlorite, calcium being the bonding agent, Liquid Chlorine which is actually just chlorine, and Tri-Chlor what's bonded to cyanuric acid. There are a few outcasts that don't revolve around the good old "Cl", but they're commonly ignored in favor of the industry poster-child. While the world is swimming through their pool waters they're not taking time to wade into the problems they are really mucking about in.

Chlorine Gas In WWI

Chlorine isn't without it's faults, and in fact was weaponized in World War I to frighteningly deadly results with exceeding ease ( It has plenty of side effects and health concerns, though our culture is quick to dismiss the long list of "may cause's"  thanks to media desensitization via medication info-mertials and such. Don't let it fool  you though, it's an outdated menace you're still inviting to live with your family.

The Cure = UV Technology

Solutions to lessen the solution in your pool? Light. That's right, LIGHT! Technology has come a very long way, and, though slow to adapt, the pool industry is beginning to shift toward the future with ultraviolet! The bombardment of bacteria, virus's, and organic matter with such intense electromagnetic energy that it literally demolishes their DNA and Cell Walls. I can hear you already clutching your wallet protectively, rest assured it isn't nearly as expensive as it sounds thanks to the same advancements which brought it about. Give it a google and find out or try the link to a brand with high creditials in the field

Enjoy the water!

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