We get a lot of stuff as we live, mostly out of impulse or to quell the sqawkin' of our offspring, and never consider the ridiculously rich history swirling around half of it. Ironic how "having" isn't really "knowing" an item, and isn't near half the truth of the thing either.

Philosophy aside, and to aim this arrow more narrowly, "what is the history of pools?". Any guesses? Keep them in your mind and write them to us, and if we miss anything you think's important send that too cause we're likely not gonna paint a perfect picture and would like to know what you know!

The Problem: Outdated and Unhealthy Pool Sanitization Methods.

Chemicals.. The word alone is enough to make your Californian neighbor shudder, and if you've been listening to him you might get a chill yourself. It's a broad term that might be speaking about things from dish soap to hairspray, granted, but let's settle on the implications and definitions in my line of work, pools and spa's.

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